These are the web pages for the ESA supported project Swarm magnetic gradients for lithospheric modelling (SLIM). This project is part of the Support to Science Element (STSE) Swarm+ Innovations.

We study at feasibility level the use of magnetic gradient grids derived from Swarm data for lithospheric modelling. In a first step, magnetic field gradients will be derived from the data of the three Swarm satellites. Next, these gradients will be used to compute magnetic gradient grids at 450 km altitude for one example region, North-West Europe. With sensitivity analysis it will then be studied what the added benefit of these gradient grids is for lithospheric modelling. North-West Europe is chosen because it is a tectonic interesting region including well defined lithospheric scale magnetic sources, and because a wealth of aeromagnetic data is available, which will allow to validate our results.


The kick-off of the study was on 9 April 2015, the Final Meeting is foreseen for autumn 2016.

See ESA's Swarm website for more details on the Swarm mission.

Study Team

The study team consists of scientists from CAU Kiel (Germany), DGFI-TUM (Germany), DTU Space (Denmark) and NGU (Norway). For project details and the responsibilities, see The Project page.